about dis.playce

dis.playce is an ongoing collaboration between Maximilian Marcoll and Hannes Seidl which was founded in 2002 in Essen (Germany). Before we started to focus on live performances in 2003 (including collaborations with other musicians like Theo Nabicht, Erin Gee and Denovaire) the first pieces were done exclusively in the studio. In 2005 our debut album “R” was released by the German label NaivSuper.
    We describe our working method as “Regiemusik” (directed music): For a new piece, we develop a certain concept - mostly related to an artist/scientist or a specific work of an artist/scientist – which determins the formal sections and the sound material to use. As for the piece “Das Ende von Amerika” (The Ending of America) from 2004, the formal structure was derived from Kafka’s Novel “Amerika”. The sound material consists of samples from Varèse’s “Amériques” and Alan Ginsberg’s “Howl” spoken by himself. We work with the material, edit the sounds (including intensive digital processing) and write down the formal decisions in a rough score, still leaving room for improvisation during the performance. Thus, we can act spontaneously and nevertheless have some strong compositional elements in the music like complex formal relations, sudden changes etc.
    Our setup consists of two Powerbooks running the software COOPER (written by M.Marcoll).

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